Remote Agile Team is a proven roadmap to functional applications

We know from experience that Agile is a proven method of building tailor-made products to precise deadlines and with complete control.

Agile is a proven method for creating products adjusted to your needs, so you have control over your project and can make changes on an ongoing basis. As a result, you get a product that meets your expectations.

More and more companies are opting for IT solutions that improve remote work. Good communication between the client and the team is essential! If you choose this option, you will be able to monitor your projects on an ongoing basis, so you can be sure that they will be properly guided from start to finish.

We guarantee that by selecting this model you will get

Dedicated team

A dedicated team of professionals, overseen by a Scrum Master and an experienced Team Leader


We work on the basis of 2- or 4-week Sprints. After each Sprint, you receive working functionalities. You can become familiar with the product and determine what to do next.

Your project under control

We plan our work in a way that ensures that the product is implemented within the assumed deadline and in accordance with the requirements. Cost transparency guarantees that you're only being charged for the work delivered.

Success for each client

We design many types of IT solutions: from simple smartphone apps, all the way to complicated B2B platforms. With us, you have access to the knowledge and technology necessary to deliver your vision.

Complex Project Lead

Software Development 360 - we will carry out your project from analysis to production implementation.

Business Analysis

Before starting work, we carefully analyze your idea and the expected results to make sure that we will deliver what you expect.

Agile system and process design

Agile programming. Your requirements may evolve as the application grows, that is why you can a constant influence on its shape.

Phase delivery (Sprints)

Each project is divided into two to four-week sprints, after which you can evaluate the results of our work.


This methodology puts emphasis on close cooperation between administrators and programmers. It takes into account the interdependence of IT development and maintenance.

Continuous improvement and flexibility

It is a software engineering approach, thanks to which teams deliver code in short iterations, ensuring that the application released to the server is correct.

Newest technologies and expert know-how for you


It is frontend that makes your app looks and work exactly as you expected.

Whether you need a simple mobile app or a complex B2B platform, our programmers will ensure that your project is functional and looks great. We have experience with all modern web and mobile technologies. We have frequently worked with augmented reality, virtual reality, responsive websites, Progressive Web Apps, and Motion UI. We simply love merging functionality with great looks!


Although it's not visible, back-end is responsible for your app's seamless operation.

We work with the most popular programming languages, frameworks, and data processing technologies. All that to guarantee that your project is correctly designed, coded, and secured. As a result, your application is built on a solid back-end foundation that ensures a seamless operation.

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