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Global IT outsourcing market and technology industry in Europe are facing another difficult challenge. February 24, 2022 Russia invaded Ukraine – a key target of outsourcing for many companies in North America and Europe. How does the conflict in Ukraine affect the global IT industry? What does this continuing crisis mean for the Polish technology sector?


  • Ukrainian technology sector is one of the largest outsourcing markets of IT services in Europe. Only in 2021 exported services were worth $ 6.8 billion.
  • In the technology sector in Ukraine works more than 285 000 IT specialists. Developers from this country are ranked 5th among the best IT professionals in the world.
  • Ukrainian programmers work for technology tycoons like: Microsoft, Ericsson, Siemens, Oracle, Meta, Google, Samsung, IBM, Dell and Amazon.
  • The collapse of the IT sector in Ukraine would pose a threat to the functioning of many international companies.
  • The migration of Ukrainian IT specialists caused by the war can fill staff shortages in neighbouring countries.


  1. IT sector in Ukraine
  2. Ukraine as an outsourcing talent pool
  3. Ukrainian IT specialists in numbers
  4.  Technology developed in Ukraine
  5. Ukrainian IT industry during the war
  6. Companies support Ukrainian employees
  7.  The impact of war on the technology industry
  8. How the world of technology reacts
  9. Will we witness a great technological migration?
  10. Will Russia experience talent drainage in the field of technology?
  11. Opportunities and challenges for the Polish IT industry
  12. Increasing demand for IT professionals

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