The Salesforce system is a platform that, although it is currently a niche in Poland, is gaining great popularity in foreign markets. It is one of the world’s most popular cloud-based customer and sales support solutions (CRM). It allows you to customize the system to the individual needs of the user. A big advantage of Salesforce is that the system has many dedicated features and applications placed in the online store, which expand its capabilities without the need for programming. In addition, Salesforce gives you the ability to build specialized solutions using various programming languages, such as Apex, Java Script or Visualforce. 

Every year more and more companies decide to create applications on this platform. The system is used in many different aspects of the activities of companies that have contact with the customer. Therefore, it is not only an excellent sales support, but also a great tool for managing business processes. It enables comprehensive management of all steps, e.g. in the process of product complaint. With this platform, we can also build an online store or any application. Everything depends on the individual needs of the client. 

How does Salesforce work? 

The main assumption of the system is that it works without software. The platform is based entirely on the cloud, and the applications are really websites, so to use the platform we need only a browser and constant access to the internet. The cloud gives you the ability to save and store all data on the platform without fear of software failure. The application code is stored on Salesforce servers and all processes take place there, and the user gets a regular website that loads without much delay. Thanks to this, in case of any errors, platform specialists can fix the problem very quickly. A big advantage of the platform is also the fact that it is completely universal. It works on different devices, operating systems and browsers. 

Salesforce developer — main tasks 

In Salesforce applications, we have great opportunities to customize the system to our needs. The use of this platform often does not require the use of code, which from the client’s point of view is a very convenient solution. Thanks to this, any changes can be made even without the help of the platform maintainer. However, it often happens that the customer’s expectations go beyond the standard framework and here the help of specialists is crucial. 

Salesforce personalization and website creation is one of the basic tasks of the service provider. This involves adjusting the operation of the application itself, as well as its interface. For these types of actions, the Apex language is mainly used as a backend, while for the frontend, it is mainly the Lightning component and Visualforce. Salesforce integration is also a very important process. Adapting the platform to the internal systems of a particular company allows for extremely efficient business management. We can often switch from one system to another with just one click. 

What opportunities does Salesforce offer? 

The platform provides a range of CRM management capabilities for both multinational corporations and small and medium-sized enterprises. The projects and tasks that IT service providers can propose are very broad. They provide an individual approach to each client, while offering him the best optimized development path. 

The most frequently offered services on the market are: 

  • Salesforce Consulting – IT companies advise on how best to adapt the platform to the individual needs and requirements of their business. 
  • Salesforce Integration – configures the platform to integrate with the internal systems in your company. 
  • Salesforce Personalization – involves implementing features that are best suited to the specific needs of your business. 
  • Salesforce Implementation – Our specialists help you to implement your Salesforce system from the ground up so that it works as efficiently as possible. 
  • Data migration to Salesforce – transfers all data from your business drives and systems to the Salesforce cloud. 
  • Technical support and training – many IT companies offer comprehensive technical support and training for the platform. 

The system also allows you to program in a web browser. The simplest applications do not need to be coded, you can simply click them. Salesforce allows: 

  • creating a data structure 
  • creating relations between objects 
  • adequate data security 
  • creating pages that display both single records and a series of records 
  • generating reports 
  • defining business processes 

Ready-made Salesforce mechanisms 

The platform offers many ready-made mechanisms that can meet the expectations of a large part of business customers. In the case of non-standard, individual solutions, the Developer Console will be perfect, offering such possibilities as: 

  • creating and editing pages, classes, components, triggers 
  • applications debugging 
  • running unit tests 
  • checking code coverage 
  • generating database queries 

For whom Salesforce will work? 

Salesforce is not intended solely to support sales. It is a very versatile platform that strongly supports doing business. The possibility of integrating its mechanisms with the company’s internal systems and building its own, means that it has many different applications. The platform is readily used by customers from various industries – from construction, through pharmaceutical up to gastronomic. The system will find its application practically in any larger or smaller company. With Salesforce, we can significantly improve business management and increase our results. This is a very profitable investment, because the cost of the platform is relatively low (from $ 25 per month). Many IT companies create original applications in the cloud, so development opportunities and original CRM solutions are virtually unlimited. All this makes the platform very popular all over the world, and Polish entrepreneurs are using it more and more often. It’s a solution that can completely change the face of your business.