The most popular programming languages


There is no need to answer the question of whether it is worth learning programming. It’s a great way to make a long-term investment in yourself. Thanks to programming, we not only develop our analytical skills, but also give ourselves a chance for profitable work in the IT industry. However, choosing the right language to start with may not be an easy task. Due to the dynamic development of new technologies, trends in the IT industry change very quickly, which is why it is so important to constantly monitor the market. However, it is worth bearing in mind that for complete beginners, the best languages are those that are not only easy to learn, but also desired by employers. We suggest which languages to choose at the beginning to ensure a good start in your career as a programmer.


It is the simplest programming language that gives us a chance to develop towards a career as a frontend developer. This is what is most often used when creating websites and web applications. It is a language that has a strong community, and thus, many ready-made frameworks and libraries that make it easier to work with JavaScript. You could say that this is a kind of foundation for any professional developer. The language is still second to none when it comes to frontend creation and it is great for building dynamic elements on your pages. It’s very easy to learn and the number of jobs for JavaScript developers remains high.

The main benefits of learning JavaScript:

  • compatibility with other programming languages
  • ease in programming
  • persistent high demand for language-speaking specialists on the market


Python is a language that has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent years and has gathered a growing community around it. It is the most popular backend language and one of the most desirable technologies on the market. Perfect for people who want to move towards Big Data, Machine Learning and AI. It has many followers because its syntax is very easy to learn and the time required to test the code is extremely short.

The main benefits of learning Python:

  • easy to learn programming
  • versatility
  • large community
  • rapid language development


It is the backend language that is most often used to create desktop software, mobile applications and games. It is most often used in various types of corporate applications. Experts believe that Java is the most frequently used language in Polish corporations, which gives novice programmers a good chance of finding a well-paid job.

The main benefits of learning Java:

  • versatility
  • programming speed
  • a large number of ready-made libraries
  • platform security


It is the scripting programming language that is most often used to create web pages. It has a wide range of applications, and despite the passage of years, its popularity does not decrease. In PHP, content management systems, discussion forums, e-mail applications and databases are most often created. Scripts that are created in this language are placed in text files together with the HTML code. It is very easy to learn. Its main advantages include a large number of users creating libraries and frameworks.

The main benefits of learning PHP:

  • simplicity of learning
  • programming speed
  • open source
  • many libraries and frameworks
  • easy error detection and removal

C ++

It is the language most commonly used in telecommunications, embedded systems, and game dev. It finds the best application where you operate directly on the equipment and counts on high efficiency. It is perfect for object-oriented programming and it allows you to create websites and various types of applications. It is used in the largest global corporations.

The main benefits of learning C ++:

  • speed of operation
  • variety of applications


It is an object-oriented, high-level programming language that was developed as Microsoft’s answer to Java. It is integrated with the .NET platform and constitutes a technology for creating and developing applications for Windows systems. Since the .NET framework has found its way into Linux and Mac systems, software development in this language has become possible for any platform. C # allows you to create mobile applications, browser plug-ins and games.

Main benefits of learning C#:

  • ease of learning
  • wide use on various platforms


Widely considered by programmers to be relatively easy to read and use. Interest in it has increased since 2019. It is one of the most preferred languages for Android applications, so it will be an excellent choice for people who want to develop applications on this system. It is characterized by a safe and intelligent compiler that can run on different systems. Even though Kotlin has a smaller developer community than Java, it is widely considered to be more well-liked and profitable.

The main benefits of learning Kotlin:

  • fault tolerance
  • inexpensive maintenance
  • easy to read


It is a fully object-oriented programming language. Its popularity is growing steadily, so learning to code with it can bring great results. It was developed in the 90s. Ruby technology is based on a simple syntax which makes it attractive to novice programmers. It is often used for scripting, word processing, and prototyping new applications. It is worth mentioning that it is the sixth highest paying programming language in the world.

The main benefits of learning Ruby:

  • easy to learn
  • multiple  web frameworks

Which programming language should you choose for yourself?

The choice of a programming language should be determined not only by the ease of learning and the number of job offers on the market. At the very beginning, it is worth considering in which direction you want to develop, and then choose the technology that best suits the specific needs of the market. However, if we cannot decide on the right choice of career path, Java and JavaScript are particularly recommended for starters. It is them who give the greatest opportunities to find a job and the most solid foundations for further development.

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